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A single player first-person ghost investigation game.  Use essential paranormal tools to investigate ghosts.  Learn their stories.  Release them to the afterlife. 

About this game

Among the Whispers immerses you into a first-person single player ghost investigation experience.  Allowing you to investigate the paranormal with various methods. 

You play as Stephanie, a determined young woman looking for answers to her own harrowing brush with the supernatural.  Through the player’s journey, they will develop a variety of skills with familiar RPG elements, to eventually confront the initial paranormal experience.

The player will develop a base of operation and venture out to investigate various locations.  Locations will be a combination of predefined and procedurally generated ghosts.  Some locations will request you to remove the ghost.  Other locations are famous for their ghosts and only want you there to confirm their existence, which will be valuable experience for your character to enhance their abilities.

The scope of Among the Whispers is large and ambitious with many elements needing to be explored and developed.  So, to accomplish this, several games smaller in scope will be released.  Each game will focus on particular elements, fine tuning the aspect under study.

The first game to be released will be Among the Whispers - Provocation, which takes place in an extravagant gilded age mansion.  There are several features that are being studied with this game, but the main focus point is the provocation system.  This system allows the player to provoke ghosts into action.

Features within Among the Whispers - Provocation

  • Provocations:  Various provocations can be used to manifest ghosts in different ways.  Learn new provocations as you discover new details on your investigation.

  • Procedural Investigations:  The gilded age mansion has been around for many generations and each game procedurally generates the entire family tree.  This consist of their life, death, and hobbies, which are valuable clues in determining which ghosts are present in the house.  Additionally, the type of ghosts and their haunting locations are procedurally generated.

  • Passive Story Telling:  Several objects are scattered throughout the mansion, which are puzzle pieces about the sinful past the family has kept secret for generations.  As you find these objects you will be able to piece together the story.

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